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The Importance of going on Retreat!

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Whether you are new and just starting out in your yoga practice or are a seasoned yogi, who is teaching, sharing your love and valuable knowledge with the world. Going on a retreat or retreat based teacher trainings can really offer a transformative experience that will bless us forever!

Retreats are generally based in beautiful, wholesome uplifting locations, whether it be in the mountain landscapes for combining hiking with yoga practices or ocean beach escapes for rest and relaxation. There are many wonderful retreat offerings worldwide that cater to all levels, styles and interests in yoga, movement, meditation, to mention but a few.

These are experiences that help inspire and uplift us by deepening our practice, remind us how to nourish our bodies with wholesome, nurturing foods, have new experiences and make wonderful, new likeminded friends.

Going on a retreat really is the perfect present to the self in self care and love!

I recently had the amazing opportunity to participate at a 5- day intensive Yin yoga teacher training on the beautiful island of Corfu at Inea Yoga retreat centre.

The retreat centre hosts Cedric and Athina really are running a wonderful place, full of warmth and welcoming hospitality, wonderful spaces to practice yoga, delicious local greek cuisine, lovely accommodations for rest and restore, stunning gardens with rose and jasmine bushes with intoxicating scents, beautiful practices in yoga and meditation, kirtan, wonderful massages, along with two amazing dogs to cuddle when you need some animal connection time. I would recommend anyone looking to go on retreat, teacher training or to host your own retreat to check Inea Yoga out as a European island venue. I believe you wouldn't be disappointed!

The 50 - Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Yin & Intrinsic Womb Wisdom was run by an amazing teacher Elea Gisele at Love and Thrive Yoga.

Elea's teachings in Yin/Yang sequences, knowledge on anatomy and divine feminine practices for connecting with your body for confidence and women's health, were absolute nuggets of gold. Elea has an incredible way of sharing her knowledge that is easy to understand and absorb, along with being fun and putting you at ease. She generates wonderful feedback on how to improve your your sequencing, why you would put certain postures together, conveying the importance of practicing Yin before a Yang practice and the best way to combine the two together.

Please check out Elea's pages and if you are looking for a Yin training especially for a women's retreat then she is just a stunning teacher to train with!

Now I feel it is important to pay homage to the amazing group of women and one man who I shared this training with. What a wonderfully diverse combination of cultures we were from all over the world - Italy, South Africa & Greece, Germany, India, Belgium, Russia, Netherlands, France, Australia, Serbia. A warm, open hearted group of individuals full of light, generosity, inspiration and kindness, I feel very blessed to have shared space, stories and smiles with these beautiful humans.

This really is one of the most fundamental aspects of going on a retreat, are the beautiful connections you make and how this helps us grow and share in community!

I left the retreat feeling renewed, inspired, uplifted and with new practices to share with others. Thank you universe for guiding me to this wonderful place and wonderful people.

Stay tuned with Stellar Therapies and Isabell Potvin Yoga where we will hopefully be bringing some amazing retreats your way in April 2022 at Inea Yoga Retreat Centre on the beautiful island of Corfu.

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