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How Do We As Therapists Avoid Burnout?

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

The road to well-being for therapists.

The most commonly asked question I get asked by my clients, and I'm sure many therapists will relate to this question, is "Who looks after you?".

It's an important question, who does look after us. Well, in truth we must take responsibility for ourselves and have the awareness to recognise when we need to meet our own well-being needs. How can we give our clients and patients the best treatment experience if our own tanks are running on empty?

So, let's practice what we preach and take inspiration from our beloved clients!

Number one, eat well, Nourish our bodies through food!

Now I'm sure we have all been there and fallen off the healthy eating wagon on busy work days. Perhaps running off coffee and more sugary snacks to keep us going, I know I certainly have!

But filling our body with nutrients through food really supports our work life and helps us avoid getting run down. Smoothies and nutritious soups are an excellent quick way to keep us re-fuelled on busy days.

Get enough sleep!

Napping is really the best, if you feel a little exhausted give your body a rest. Sometimes on busy treatment days, I will have a small nap between treatments or roll out the yoga mat and lie in Savasana for 15 minutes. This gives the body the opportunity to rest and restore, especially when massaging throughout the day, as it is a very physical job.

Do some energising yoga!

Focusing on the breath and stretching out the body can really assist in raising our energy levels. Even 5 minutes between clients can really restore us.

Go get a treatment!

If you are blessed enough to work in an environment with other therapists, engage in their skills. Take care of each other by exchanging treatments, massaging isn't just physical practice but can sometimes be emotionally intense too, we all have lives and go through our own emotional processes, and we also need support and care.

How nice is it after a day of massaging to receive one yourself? Ah, Bliss!

Fundamentally recognise when you need a day off!

As a therapist, we are committed to our clients and their needs and if you are a freelance therapist or work for yourself, it is hard to say no to work.

Also, the nature of our work involves a lot of love and passion for what we do, it's a lifestyle rather than work and every treatment session is wonderfully unique in its own way.

Know when to take a day off for yourself, self-care and self-love is the most important way we can re-energise and be full up again to share the love and healing skills with our clients!

Our own well-being is just as important as our clients, supporting one another and sharing community, it really is a beautiful world. So let's make sure we are energised enough to embrace it and not burnout!

To all the wonderful therapists, body workers, teachers and our beloved clients out there Keep up the good work, the world needs you!

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