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Good Grounding!

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Every month Stellar Therapies will be focusing on different parts of the body!

So this month we are going to start from the ground up, grounding ourselves properly in our yoga practices, movement and life helps us keep awareness and balance throughout our daily flow, whatever that may involve.

Here I would like to share with you some appreciation for the feet and some practices that have helped me learn to love and care more for this wonderfully important part of our bodies.

Since a child I never had a great appreciation for my wee feet, I always thought they were a bit strange or ugly looking, not as pretty as other peoples feet. What a way to think about my feet which were so vital to helping me stand, move, dance and be connected to the earth. I used to wrap them up in more than one pair of socks, always wore boots and would never have them on show! Then I moved to the Caribbean for work, wow it was too hot there to have my feet in such prisons. Out came the flip flops, my feet were hot and requested moments in the ocean. I learnt yoga practices to stretch the feet and get good grounding in my personal practices, my feet and I started to play with each other, I painted my toenails, massaged them with luxurious scrubs and creams and slowly everyday they became more and more beautiful to me. I began to feel more connected to them when I danced and walked upon the sand and the earth barefooted. Now I am grateful to them everyday for being my feet and teaching me wonderful lessons to love this very important part of our physical temple!

Ways We Can Care for Our Wee Feet!

Reflexology & Massage

In reflexology every part of the foot relates to a different part of the body, Internal organs and the body's systems. It is believed that through reflexology treatments and massage we can maintain overall body health. So let's take time out of our week to go for a treatment or some at home self massage to honour our entire bodies through our feet.

Pedicures, Let's dress them up pretty!

I was never one for manicures or pedicures but now I love having a pedicure whether I do it at home myself or go to a beauty therapist. It is such a lovely pampering experience once a month to have tired feet cared for in this way, all your rough skin build up is taken care of, nails cared for, a wee massage and add a splash of colour or glitter to make your tootsies twinkle. Guaranteed to make you feel lighter and put a spring into your step!

Yoga - stretch, wake up & ground to the earth!

Below is a video of a few practices I've personally found very beneficial for my feet, I hope you enjoy them too!

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